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Irrigation Company in HowellThe best methods you can use for improving the quality of your lawn would be Howell premium sod and hydroseed. Of course to make sure the work is carried out properly you need a trusted expert to get the work done for you. Too many homeowners make the mistake of investing in all of the materials needed to complete this important job and then attempt to carry it out themselves.

The problem is that if it is not done correctly in every way the process is not likely to succeed. Then you have wasted all the time and money to still not have the lush, green lawn you wanted. For just a little bit more upfront investment you can let the pros at Rainmaker Irrigation take care of this chore for you and can be sure it will be done right.

Once your yard is established the upkeep can be a lot less challenging. But getting the grass established is the difficult but important part. Remember, your yard is what makes the first impression and either adds to or detracts from the curb appeal. No matter how immaculate your home is inside the quality of your lawn is what makes all of the difference.


To start with, hydroseeding is the process in which a mixture that is blown through a sprayer over a large area. This liquid is called slurry and is made up of mulch, seed, and other fertilizers. This is a common approach used for commercial space or new construction but may also be applied to a large area of lawn that has simply not developed.

Howell hydroseeding generally costs less than sod but does not give the instant lawn sod delivers. There are also some instances when hydroseeding applications must be carried out an additional time or two. The best way to determine which is right for you is to work with a professional to get the job completed.

Howell Premium Sod

The other popular option is Howell premium sod. This material is fully grown grass attached to a bottom layer of soil. It could be compared to rolling out a new carpet but for the exterior of your home. The result is an instant lawn. However, the work comes in continuous work to make sure the sod takes and is able to establish a root system in order to continue to grow.

Irrigation Experts in Howell

At Rainmaker Irrigation we can take care of all of this for you in addition to being the irrigation experts in Howell. Irrigation can be instrumental in helping achieve and maintain an ongoing healthy, green lawn. Contact us today to find out more about Howell premium sod, hydroseeding, or irrigation systems.

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