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Enhancing Your Landscape Design: The Top Reasons to Incorporate Hardscapes

When it comes to creating a visually appealing and functional outdoor space, incorporating hardscapes into your landscape design can make a significant difference. Hardscapes refer to the non-living elements in your landscape, such as walkways, patios, retaining walls, and water features. These structures not only add beauty and visual interest but also offer numerous practical…

5 Landscaping Tips for Building a New Home: Save Time and Money During the Construction Process

Irrigation for homeowners

Building a new home? Simple tips from a landscaper to save time and money during the construction process.     Does your new home have well water? Talk with your builder or well company regarding upgrading the well pump or looking at a constant pressure option!  Usually, it’s a fairly nominal cost compared to total build, and…

Benefits of Getting Routine Fall Cleanup Work

Howell Fall Cleanup

Your lawn is one of the most important components that make up your home in the Howell area. So, you need to take steps to maintain your lawn as best you can. After all, a well-maintained lawn can provide some truly wonderful advantages for any home. By keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful, you can…

Important Reasons to Get a Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration in Howell

A beautiful lawn makes for a beautiful home, and to keep your lawn as beautiful as can be, you need to keep it as healthy as can be. If you find that your Howell home’s lawn never seems to enjoy the best health and beauty, you might need to invest in professional aeration services. Just…

Most Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Landscape Lighting in Howell

Calling in irrigation experts to provide you with landscape lighting is a fine idea, as long as you both plan together a system that makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for mistakes to be made. The average so-called professional is just interested in completing the job, getting paid, and moving on to the next client….

Invest in an Irrigation System in Howell

Irrigation System in Howell

Using an automated irrigation system is one of the best ways to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy, while minimizing water waste. Plan carefully for a reliable, flexible irrigation system that can grow and evolve along with your landscaping in Howell. Use components that provide flexibility. Different plants have different watering needs, and…

Smart Irrigation Systems: A Greener Idea

Smart Irrigation Systems Howell

If you’re a typical homeowner, you probably put your automatic sprinkler system into the same category as your home’s heating and cooling system. You expect it to work reliably and efficiently with minimum fuss. The latest technology offers just that — and more. Automated Howell irrigation systems offer convenience while protecting your landscape investment. A…

How to Hire a Reliable, Certified Irrigation Professional in Howell

Irrigation in Howell

When a man feels unwell, he goes to an expert on assessing the body: a doctor. The doctor has the experience, knowledge, training, certifications and licensing that qualify him to present an informed and accurate solution to the man’s problem. As such, when you’re searching for an irrigation professional to install a system into the…

Maintain & Upgrade Your System for Howell Irrigation

Irrigation System in Howell

Irrigation systems in Howell need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently year after year. Damage from lawn equipment or improper winterization can cause leaks and other serious problems. Inspect your system monthly. Check for leaks, broken or clogged sprinkler heads, and other problems. Clean clogged screens and microirrigation filters as needed. Adjust sprinkler heads….

Don’t Send Money Down the Drain: Water Smart & Save Money This Fall

Irrigation Howell

Most homeowners overwater their yard, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. Using an automated irrigation system is one of the best ways to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy, while minimizing water waste. Make time this Fall to be sure you’re getting the most…

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