Howell, MI Landscaping

Gallery – Irrigation Photos Howell

Retaining Wall Fill in Brighton, MI

Removed Moldy Mulch and Installed Decorative Stone

Mocha Ledge Rock Retaining Wall in Brighton, MI

Natural Boulder Retaining Wall

Paver Step Installation

Paver Patio Installation in Brighton, MI

Paver Patio Installation in Howell, MI

Landscape Cleanup With Stairs and Flagstone Path

Spring Clean-Up with Top Dressing of Mulch

Before and After

Before and After – Backflow Repair

Landscape & Sprinkler Add On

New Sprinkler System and Hydroseed in Progress

Commercial Irrigation System with Sod Install

Irrigation Repairs

Spring Clean-Up

Plow Trucks

Raised Garden Bed Re-Do


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