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Hydroseeding vs. Premium Sod FAQ

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Hydroseeding & Premium Sod in Howell

When you need a new lawn or want to add turf to certain areas, you will want to know the differences between hydroseeding and laying sod. Both have advantages. In some cases, sod would not be appropriate. For instance, if you have a lot of land to cover then it can get really expensive to lay down new turf, especially when using premium sod. So how do you know which is best for your particular situation?

Our Howell landscaping and irrigation company has been in the business of commercial and residential hydroseeding and premium turf applications since 2001. We recommend staying away from standard sod because it often easily dies off and isn’t as resistant to disease. So we can tell you a few things about the differences between hydroseeding and premium sod. Here are some common questions and answers about both options that you may find useful.

Can You Hydro Seed Over An Existing Lawn?

There are times when an existing lawn has burned out or there are sections that become barren. Hydroseeding can be done on existing lawns instead of traditional overseeding. The slurry, or hydroseed solution, can be sprayed right over the existing turf. Heavy with fertilizer, minerals, organic mulch, and grass seed, the slurry delivers everything needed to turn a barren or patchy lawn around. If you are in the Howell, Michigan area, Rainmaker Irrigation can provide an estimate and consultation for both hydroseeding and premium sod.

How Fast Does Sod Start Growing vs. Hydroseeding?

Hydroseed will grow much faster than sod. The root system of sod has to grow into the soil before it will be healthy enough to grow. The hydroseed mix is sprayed onto the topsoil and will grow into a new lawn within a few weeks if the season and climate are right. Hydroseed germinates faster than raw seeds because the solution contains nutrients and water-holding mulch particles. Sod can take up to six weeks to establish a healthy, deep root system.

If you would like to learn more about Hydroseeding & Premium Sod in Howell, Michigan, please call Rainmaker Irrigation at 734-564-1373 or complete our online form.

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